Multi Employment Collective Agreement

The current STONZ MECA was implemented on the 10th December 2020. 

This MECA is due to expire on the 13th of December 2021.  We will be preparing for negotiations again very soon and are always keen for more feedback. To have your say email us

Our MECA at a glance

The MECA is valid from the 10 December 2020 – 13 December 2021.

  • Click here for a PDF copy of our MECA

STONZ MECA Comparison

  • Click here for a comparison of the current STONZ and NZRDA MECAs.


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STONZ MECA successes

A few of the 2020 negotiation highlights:

  • A roll over to clause 12.1.2 (c) to ensure that how salaries are currently calculated does not change
  • If you work a Weekend Ward Round you now have to be remunerated for this
  • House Officers can now access an additional $500 to aid training.
  • Parental Leave - More flexibility for RMOs who are the ‘secondary caregiver’
  • Senior Registrars will now be recognised from Step 4 onwards, rather than having to wait until Step 5
  • The threshold for the penalty payment for excess hours has been reduced to working 144 to 140
  • RMOs can claim the 72-hour breach and the 140-hour breach (previously you could only claim one).

Training at our heart

In recent years we have seen restrictive working hours introduced to the New Zealand health system for junior doctors.

Although these were done with the best intentions and under the guise of "Safer Working Hours", they have not proven to be safe and they have resulted in some major implications for the training of many junior doctors. Unfortunately we are not the first group of junior doctors to tread this path. This has occurred in both the USA and the UK. In both cases to the detriment of junior doctor training. Our MECA is designed as an alternative to these restrictive hours and protect our training. This ensures that all junior doctors have the opportunity to train without compromise to themselves, or their patients.

The true cost of restrictive working hours

  • Rostered week days off following weekend work leads to complicated handovers, dilution of training and loss of team structure.
  • Dilution of training has a detrimental effect on the quality of training and length of time required to complete training
  • Increasingly complex and frequent handovers putting patients at risk and costing the hospitals time and money
  • The loss of team structure and team dynamics, a cornerstone of medical and surgical training
  • Hour restrictions increase the demand for relief role RMOs which can be dissatisfying for RMOs and dangerous for patients.

Finding the right balance

“Safer” working hours need to be proven to be safe for both patients and those working the rosters. 

At STONZ we agree junior doctors have poor work life balance and we will continue to work with our employers using evidence based medicine to improve this for our members and to create rosters that are collaborative, adaptive and safe for both doctor and patient. 

Supporting all Specialties

Our aim is to work towards a MECA designed to drive change and provide greater benefits that supports all junior doctors across New Zealand. 

The more we continue to grow, the more voices we represent and the more we can change. For a fresh take on RMO support, consider becoming part of STONZ today.

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