Introducing our new team member: Therese

Kia ora koutou,  

I’m Therese, and I’m the new RMO Coordinator here at STONZ. I started at STONZ in May of this year as a fresh university graduate from UC with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences, majoring in Public Health. I completed internships at Kidney Health New Zealand and the Cancer Society and had previous experience as a research assistant.  

After I graduated from university, my family and I packed our bags to go on a month-long excursion around my home country and to the land of the rising sun. After 10 years of being unable to visit the Philippines, we spent 3 weeks catching up on lost time in Filipino-style family reunions, island hopping, and soaking up the sun. 

Finally coming back from a trip that felt more like a vivid dream, going out into the big world where the university was no longer a safety net was daunting. I had to gather up all the skills and knowledge I’d acquired throughout university and prior and hope for the best – and it worked! 

Starting at STONZ, I had big shoes to fill as I picked up where Becky had left off. Every day at work is different, and every day has an exciting new challenge. There are so much to learn and understand about the healthcare system and how RMOs work, and our role as a union to support you. There are so many nuances, loopholes and technical details involved with the RMO workforce which makes me even more eager to learn more! I’m relieved to say that in my journey of learning, the STONZ Support Team has been there to help me navigate through it and get me up to speed.  

I’m grateful to STONZ and the Support Team for warmly welcoming me into the world of RMOs and believing in my potential and in what I can do. I truly am enjoying this role and hope to help more of our members in the future and positively contribute throughout your career journey. 


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