Meet the Delegates in your District

Northern Region

Carmella Catlow

Whangārei Hospital
My name is Carmella; I am a Urology Registrar at Whangarei Hospital in Northland District. I am originally from Surrey in the U.K. but have always wanted to live in New Zealand. I trained at Cardiff University and after completing my foundation training I made the decision to move to New Zealand.

I decided to become a STONZ delegate as having worked in the NHS I have seen how easily working environments can become very unsafe very quickly and wanted to join a team that could effectively work to prevent this as well as improving RMO wellbeing whilst getting the most out of training. I believe that good work-life balance is key to being a good doctor. Outside of work I enjoy surfing, diving, hiking and playing netball.

Matt McGuinness

Whangārei Hospital

I am currently a SET 2 General Surgery Registrar in Whangarei. I attended medical school at UOA and have worked in Auckland since graduation.

I joined STONZ because I believe their philosophy and attitude is aligned with my own and I am keen to help members with any issues that arise. I have a passion along side surgery for doctor well-being and medical education.

Dale Andrew

Auckland Region
My Name is Dale Andrew, and I am an ORL SET trainee currently based in the Auckland region. When I'm not at work I enjoy being anywhere there’s snow or tinkering in the workshop.

I am mid-way through a Masters in Bioethics and Health Law through the University of Otago which has further developed my interest in doctors’ welfare and medical/surgical education and training. I joined STONZ in order to support my colleagues by ensuring suitable protections to make work and training an enjoyable experience that can work for all RMO’s. Feel free to approach me anytime.

Aysha Rashid

Auckland City Hospital
Aysha is an advanced trainee in General and Acute Care Medicine and Dermatology at Auckland City Hospital. She trained at Imperial College London and worked in England for several years before moving to New Zealand. By joining the STONZ delegate team, she hopes to help improve working conditions for all doctors. She is keen to hear and represent your voice in key RMO issues.

Roy Spires

Auckland City Hospital
Hello, I'm Roy, a PGY2 House Officer currently in Auckland City Hospital. I joined STONZ for its transparency, two way communication between STONZ and its members, and the continual improvement of the MECA.  

Current passions include learning to code in Python (ever the struggle) and being a fake coffee expert.

If you ever see me in hospital, please come and say hi! 

Theo Clearwater

Northshore & Waitakere Hospital

Theo is a dual trainee in Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. He attained his MBChB from the University of Auckland, where he also completed his Bachelor of Music prior.

Theo is a passionate advocate for both improved training and wellbeing for everyone including medical students and nurses. He is always keen to talk about issues and ideas over a drink.

He is currently based at North Shore and Waitakere hospitals as an Emergency Medicine Fellow until mid-2023.

Matt Stretton

Starship Hospital
Matt is an ORLHNS (ENT) trainee. He enjoys traveling (when the borders are open), eating and spending time with his friends and family. He is motivated to make work and training a rewarding and enjoyable experience and doesn’t think we should have to choose between training and life/family.

Email me, call me, yell at me in the corridor, whatever. I want to make training better and can’t do it without our members thoughts and dreams. Always happy for a philosophical chat whilst working behind the scenes on the details. Obviously I have a surgical background, so it is even more important that our non surgical trainees/members get in touch to make sure we’re representing you all.

Luka Kablar

Auckland Region
Kia Ora,

I’m Luka, an advance trainee in General and Acute Care Medicine, and hoping to pursue dual training in Gastroenterology. I completed medical school in Auckland, my house officer years in Gisborne, and then moved back to the Auckland region to pursue registrar training.

I joined STONZ as it aligned well with my values and philosophies with regarding RMOs in training. Also due to its flexibility and transparency between both members and employers. 

As part of the STONZ delegate team, I hope to help advocate and support members in all regards, with a particular interest in improving RMO training and wellbeing. 

Feel free to get in touch any time. I am always keen to discuss any ideas or issues, or just to simply have a chat.   

Ali Sarfarazi

Auckland Region
Hi, I’m Ali a non-SET surgical registrar working in the Auckland region. I joined STONZ for many reasons but I particularly value their transparent and concise communication and that they place patient safety as their top priority, while allowing members the flexibility to ensure training requirements are met. 

Becoming a STONZ delegate meant I was able to disseminate these values and provide support to my peers in maintaining a safe working environment. You will find me in the coffee shop. 

Diana Ng

Auckland Region
I am a first-year radiology registrar in the Auckland region. I rotate through the Auckland hospitals every couple of months so am easily contactable.

I’ve been a STONZ member since graduation because I believe their values are aligned with my own and they commit to helping their members as best as possible. Having first-hand experience recently where STONZ were invaluable in supporting me through a work-based issue; now as a delegate, I aim to be a point of contact for other RMOs so that they can also access the support they need. 

As a huge advocate of fair working and training conditions to maintaining a work-life balance; when I’m not at work, you can find me travelling, crafting, and eating out. 

Nathan Schuurman

Auckland Region

I am currently a PGY4 Maxillofacial Non-training Registrar mostly based at Middlemoore, Greenlane and Auckland City hospitals.

I aim to help represent the Dental and Maxillofacial RMO's, as well as form a connection between the Dental, Maxillofacial and Medical RMO's.

Justin Parr

Middlemore Hospital

I am currently a SET 5 trainee in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Middlemore Hospital. I grew up and studied in Brisbane and moved to NZ to take up a registrar job at Waikato Hospital. I have also worked in Auckland and Christchurch.

I'm keen to help STONZ members make the most of their time as trainees / junior doctors.  I think the union is well placed to facilitate appropriate staffing and rostering decisions, with a focus on preservation of training opportunities in the busy clinical environment.

Abhinav Swarup

Northern Region
My name is Abhi and I am currently an Anaesthesia trainee in the Northern Regional training program. I grew up in Tamaki Makaurau before moving to Dunedin and Wellington for medical school followed by working in the Hawkes Bay and then moving back home to Auckland. 

I am passionate about the wellbeing of doctors and understand the many demands both within and outside the workplace, hence why I joined STONZ to advocate for RMO's and improve our wellbeing.

If you see me around the hospital feel free to say hello, I'm always keen to discuss ideas/issues or have a chat. 

Central North Island

Thomas Hoffman

Waikato Hospital

I’m currently an Orthopaedic Registrar at Waikato Hospital. I grew up in Wellington and worked there as a physiotherapist prior to retraining in medicine.

I joined STONZ because I believe in their philosophy of working collaboratively with Te Whata Ora to improve outcomes for patients, and the working environment for doctors.

Gaby Donaldson

Rotorua Hospital
Kia ora, my name is Gabriella (Gaby) Donaldson, I grew up in Christchurch but moved up to Auckland for university and worked in Middlemore and Auckland City Hospitals during PGY1 and PGY2. 

In 2023 I’ll be working as a registrar in General Surgery at Rotorua Hospital.  

I’m proud to be a STONZ member and delegate, and look forward to chatting to people about the union and its benefits.

Cam Bringans

Waikato Hospital

I am currently a non-trainee neurosurgery registrar and I am passionate about surgery, science, and team-work.

I joined STONZ because I believe that the only way to achieve truly “Safe Working Hours” is through subtle argument and evidence-based practice. STONZ advocates for those who know that experience is the key to becoming a safe doctor.

I want to help improve our union by facilitating communication between our members and the union leadership.

Magnus Cheesman

Waikato Hospital

Magnus is a PGY8 RMO, and works as Registrar on the USANZ (Urology) training programme. For the 2023 training year he is based at Waikato Hospital.

I became a delegate to help support colleagues looking for face to face support to talk through union queries and problems with in person. I also particularly enjoy supporting medical students, House Surgeons and non-training Registrars as they navigate through the maze of career selection decisions. In my own journey towards training I started my intern years and first non-training Surgical Registrar jobs in Waikato. Since then I have also worked in Invercargill, Dunedin, Christchurch and Nelson, so I have had my share of what it is like as an RMO with a family moving between centres both before and after selection onto training.  It has been my pleasure to assist RMOs with their SToNZ and general training questions while serving as a delegate since 2018, across each of the locations in the country that I have had the opportunity to live and work.

If you have a question, or even if you just want a chat, just get in touch and maybe I can get you a coffee. No issue is too small for coffee.

Edward Palmer

Tauranga Hospital
Kia Ora, 
My name is Edward. I am a PGY-4 based in Tauranga and an RACP basic trainee. 

I joined STONZ as I share their values. Their solutions focused approach, transparency and an understanding of training requirements is much appreciated.

Through being a delegate I hope to help my colleagues with any issues they may face. In particular, I hope to help fellow RACP trainees get the most of their training through STONZ's support. 

Outside of work you will find me on the side of a mountain either climbing, hiking, mountain biking, running or learning to paraglide. 

Arna Long

Tauranga Hospital
I am a General Surgical Registrar in Tauranga Hospital, having recently relocated from Auckland.  I am a huge advocate for STONZ and the work the union does to help represent RMO's through all stages of their career. I hope that I can be a friendly and approachable delegate for those in the Bay of Plenty. Sing out if you have any questions! 

 I am a huge advocate for maintaining a good "work-life balance", so outside of the hospital you will find me enjoying the sunshine and keeping fit and active.

Jonathan Blake

Tauranga Hospital
Kia ora!

I’m Jonathan, an anaesthetic registrar currently based in Tauranga Hospital. I joined STONZ because I firmly believe in the importance of joining a union that will protect the interests of its members to ensure patient safety. From personal experience I’ve found navigating contracts, RMO units and rosters at best perplexing, but at worst a real challenge. I hope I can help others with any issues they have, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In true anaesthetic style, no issue is too hard to hash out over a coffee.

Lower North Island

Omar Mohyieldin

Taranaki Hospital

I am currently a SET General Surgery trainee at Taranaki Base Hospital. 

I believe STONZ is the right choice for doctors looking to make the most of their training and supports doctors in their career pursuits.

 I look forward to being a STONZ delegate at Taranaki Base Hospital. 

Garry Yan

Whanganui Hospital
I'm Garry and I am a non training surgical registrar with aspirations to get onto the ANZCA anaesthesia training program. I joined STONZ as I like the transparency, the focus on training/career development, and the focus on the important issues that affect junior doctors well-being. 

I became a delegate  as I believe in the advocacy of a safe clinical working environment, along with the maintenance of a constructive and collegial working relationship with the RMO Unit.

Fitri Fadzlullah

Whanganui Hospital

Kia ora!

Fitri is the name. I am an aspiring general surgeon, currently working as a PGY2 House Officer in Whanganui. 

I joined STONZ because of the holistic values that empower upskilling doctors.

I am a passionate advocate for ideas that would help improving the health and well-being and training of our workforce. So, please do say hi or email or call if you are in need to address any issues or just wanted to chat!

James Lewis

Mid Central
I am an Ophthalmology non-Training Registrar currently based at Mid Central District and moving to Wellington for the 2024-2025 training year.

I gained my MBChB from the University of Auckland where I previously completed a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance.

I joined STONZ because I am keen to work as an advocate for Junior Doctors, ensuring that Te Whatu Ora provides a safe working environment which is compliant with the SECA.

My current interests include learning the Cello and rock climbing. I look forward to meeting you!  

Sloane Chan

Wellington Hospital
Working as a junior doctor, I joined STONZ for unity. We need a strong union that works in partnership with the health system so that we can deliver the best for our people. STONZ is also the union that supports its members through their training. The STONZ agreement allows a high degree of flexibility; such individualised approach is what I need to succeed.

With my strong interest in the justice system, I will dedicate my career to medico-legals and forensic medicine.

Ravi Ram

Hutt Valley Hospital

I am currently a non-trainee Orthopaedic registrar at Hutt Valley for 2022, previously at Wellington, Tauranga, Waikato and Christchurch.

I joined STONZ as I believe their philosophies promote a safe working environment for junior doctors to progress through training, managing fatigue and safe rostering.

Upper South Island

Gabriella Giacon

Christchurch Hospital

I’m currently a PGY3 at Christchurch Hospital. Originally from the Kapiti Coast, the South Island caters for all of my hobbies including snow boarding and mountain biking. 

I joined STONZ due to its emphasis on caring for both Doctors and patients alike. The team is progressive and transparent, and I look forward to working together to promote positive outcomes. 

Michael Sunderland

Christchurch Hospital

I’m a Registrar based in Christchurch, I grew up in Invercargill and prior to becoming a doctor I had a stint as a squash player and started to study law when I went to university (ugh!). My wife is a surgical registrar.

I joined STONZ because of transparency. There is a real attitude of getting stuck in and working for the greater good of patients, while concurrently undertaking research to continue to foster safer rosters – working WITH our district health boards.

Jeremy Wild

Christchurch Hospital

I am a SET 4 General Surgical Trainee at Christchurch Hospital.

I have experience in multiple surgical sub-specialties having worked in urology, cardiothoracics, vascular and general surgery registrar positions.

I hold a keen interest in football, surfing and golf!

Lower South Island

Michael Ridgen

Timaru Hospital 

Kia Ora, I’m Mike; I’m a PGY1 House Officer. I trained in Dunedin & Christchurch prior to heading to the big smoke of Timaru Hospital! 

I became a STONZ member this year to help communicate the needs of the hard-working RMO’s. We work in a busy, evolving healthcare system so I value STONZ in that they push hard for changes through their MECA in order to create safer working conditions in a system that has historically been afraid of change. 

Feel free to send me a message if you need any help or advice! 

Minesh Prakash

Dunedin Hospital 

I am currently a non-training Cardiothoracic Registrar at Dunedin Hospital. I joined STONZ because it represents fairness - for the patients, ourselves, and our colleagues.

I believe STONZ is the way forward for all doctors as their versatility in facilitating fairness for all regardless of our status, it benefits us all.

Darren Ritchie

Dunedin Hospital 
I am a PGY4 non-SET Surgical Registrar at Dunedin Hospital. I have a strong interest in surgery and have completed further studies in digital health. 

I believe STONZ best represents the needs of our junior workforce in balancing training requirements and well-being through our career.

 I hope that as a delegate I can help my current and future colleagues in making informed decisions that have positive impacts on our workforce in the future.

Brad Atkinson

Southland Hospital
I’m Brad, a House Surgeon in Southland Hospital with a keen interest in orthopaedic surgery and research.

I joined STONZ as a Trainee Intern because I felt that the STONZ values and priorities aligned well with my own.

I’m keen to hear from current and incoming Southland RMO’s regarding any issues they are facing and help to resolve these.

Kodi Fearnley-Fitzgerald

Southland Hospital
Kia Ora!  My name is Kodi and I am currently a TI based at Southland Hospital in the lovely city of Invercargill. I grew up in sunny Nelson, and have spent my last 5 years studying in Dunedin but I’m still adjusting to the colder climate down South!

I believe that the core foundation of STONZ as a union centres around individualised advocacy and support to help doctors (at any stage of training) reach their future career goals and aspirations. I think that a lot of this ground work can begin before we graduate as Trainee Interns but the whole process can get a bit stressful and confusing! I joined the team to help bridge this gap and work towards demystifying the transition process between medical school and working as a PGY1 and how STONZ can help make that transition easier. 

I am always free to chat so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Jibi Kunnethedam

Dunedin Hospital
Kia ora, I’m Jibi and I’m currently a Psychiatry Registrar at Dunedin Hospital in stage 2 of training.

I grew up in Oamaru (North Otago) before heading to Auckland for med school.  

After graduation, I returned to the mainland and have worked in both Dunedin and Christchurch as an RMO.

I joined the STONZ team as a delegate to contribute and advocate for us all.

I think RMOs from all specialties provide an incredibly valuable contribution to our health system and that we should be appropriately valued too.

Having a chat is pretty much my speciality now so feel free to hit me up!

If you’re interested in joining the delegate team complete an application form HERE

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