STONZ National Manual

The National Manual contains the agreed national processes, procedures and resources for the administrative support of Resident Medical Officers (RMOs) at the 20 District Health Boards (DHBs). The purpose of the manual is to provide an agreed nationally consistent approach between the parties to RMO administration and application of the Specialty Trainees of New Zealand and 20 District Health Boards MECA.

The STONZ and DHB workgroup are currently working on updating the National Manual to reflect the new changes to the STONZ MECA for December 2021 and will have this updated as soon as possible

  • Each section of the Manual covers a clause in the MECA and details;
  • The clause
  • Clarification on sub clauses (where required) due to technical inconsistencies such as clause numbering and / or errors in wording
  • An overview and application
  • The operational context by way of scenario’s and frequently asked questions
  • A comparison to the corresponding clause in the NZRDA MECA

As part of the STONZ MECA settlement a STONZ National Engagement Forum (SNEF) was formed which consists of both DHB and STONZ representatives. At the initial meeting of the SNEF in April 2019 a national work plan was agreed. One of the items on the national work plan, endorsed by the Chief Executives, was a commitment to develop jointly a national process manual. A working group was formed as part of the project to develop the manual which included RMO Unit representatives, STONZ representatives and ER Advocates.

The following high level principles underpinned the development process:

  • Maximise standardisation
  • Work with consistent interpretation of the STONZ MECA
  • Build on existing RMO processes and align with HR processes, where possible
  • Provide scenario’s and frequently asked questions that depict operational application
  • Focus on relationships between RMOs, RMO Support, Service, Payroll, RMO Support and ER/HR

Note: There are still some areas where national consistency was not able to be achieved. This is because DHB Policy will ultimately apply in some scenarios. Where this is the case, it is clearly highlighted in the Manual. We know this is still going to cause some frustrations so our aim is to now undertake a second tranche of work to identify where DHB Policy may differ to what we believe should be the national guideline.

The Manual
You can find a link to the National Manual HERE
Note: Internet Explorer 11 users may not be able to access the manual correctly. We recommend using Chrome.

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