STONZ is a union representing and advocating for all junior doctors

We were formed by a group of surgical trainees, but very quickly started to gain momentum and attract junior doctors from other specialties, also looking for an alternative.

It is our mission to build a collaborative community where all junior doctors are given the opportunity to complete their training without boundaries or limitation.

When STONZ was first established, the team wanted to ensure that the RMO voice was central to how the union functioned.

That’s why our executive team are doctors. Working with you and who are also involved in the day to day running of STONZ alongside our Support team, and who are responsible for the overall management and for setting the strategic direction of our union. 

What we do

Our aim is to negotiate a Multi Employment Collective Agreement (MECA) that offers best possible benefits to support your training, your career and your work life balance.

We are here to advocate for our members and support you with guidance and advice about work-related issues. 

By Junior Doctors...

One of the earliest motto's from STONZ, is that we are a union for Junior Doctors, by Junior Doctors. 

What does that really mean? The way our union is structured means that our Executive team are ultimately responsible for the running and the success of the union. They are involved from an operational perspective with things such as approving the annual budget, providing clinical advice for difficult situations, and regularly attending local, regional and national meetings. 

They are also responsible for the overarching strategy in regards to how we respond to situations such as COVID-19, the transition to Health NZ and most importantly take the lead when it comes to MECA negotiations. This is not something we outsource, our team are involved in the detailed preparations and are front and centre at the bargaining table during this process.

STONZ Governance Structure

We are a non-for-profit incorporated society and run STONZ with the sole aim of supporting Junior Doctors and advocating to improve working conditions for all RMOs.

In order to do this, we have a simple governance structure and our aim is to ensure that our executive team positions are always filled by doctors. To recognise the additional workload that comes with being on the executive, we pay a small salary of $15,000 gross per annum to our senior executive and $10,000 gross per annum to our Junior executive. We also directly employee our support team, and our aim is to build a business where we attract and retain good staff so we can best support our members now and in the future. 

When STONZ was first established, we appointed BDO New Zealand to complete an annual audit and assurance of STONZ operations and finances to ensure that we are operating responsibly and are being open and transparent with our members. The annual independent audit and any recommendations are shared at our AGM each year.

Click on the below position profiles to learn more about each executive role:

Who we are

STONZ is a not for profit organisation lead by Junior Doctors. 

EXECUTIVE – Our Executive team is compromised of  doctors who are passionate about building a strong and representative community voice.

SUPPORT TEAM – Our support team are the ones who keep the wheels moving and who keep the daily operations of our organisation ticking over. The support team are your first point of contact for any help and advice you need.

DELEGATES – We have delegates in nearly all of New Zealand hospitals. Our union representatives located within your DHB are here to offer advice and support so don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d also love to hear from anyone who is interested in becoming a delegate.

What we stand for

  • We advocate inclusion so that all junior doctors have an opportunity and a voice when it comes to shaping our MECA.
  • We promote collaboration working closely with all parties with the aim to create outcomes and solutions that benefit and work for everyone.
  • We put training at the heart of our MECA to ensure that all junior doctors have the opportunity to develop their skills without compromise or limitation.
  • We strive to be progressive by looking at the long-term consequences and impact of every recommendation and decision that we make.

Office Hours

Our normal office hours are 9am - 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

If we don't answer straight away please leave a message and we will return your call ASAP.

Contact us

Please get in touch with any questions you may have. We would love to hear from you.

P: 03 745 9258
PO Box 22656, Christchurch 8140

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