Membership fees

For the first time since we began in 2018 our Membership fees are increasing.

As is the case for all businesses, cost pressures have increased dramatically, and this is no different for STONZ. We need to ensure we have the ability to continue advocating for and supporting our members through the years ahead.

That is why for the first time since STONZ began in 2018 we are increasing the membership fee.  We have put this off as long as possible, however in order to continue to operate at the desired level, we have agreed to a 5% increase to membership fees.

Effective 1st April 2024 our fees will be:

·       First year House Officer                           $241.50

·       First year Dental House Officer              $241.50

·       House Officer (Including Dental)           $483.00

·       Registrar (Including Dental)                    $483.00

·       Associate Members                                  $241.50

·       Trainee Intern                                             No charge

These changes are reflected in the updated Membership Policy which can be accessed from 1st April through your Friendly Manager (membership database) log-in.

We thank you for your ongoing support of STONZ and our mahi for the benefit of all members.


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