October FAQs

Still having problems with reimbursements taking longer than 6 weeks?
It's essential you let us know - we as a union have worked hard to develop pathways for resolving this once and for all but we rely on you as our membership letting us know where this is happening so we can sort it out.

Has your roster been published within 28 days?
STONZ has a documented process outlined in our agreement to escalate instances where rosters are not published with 28 days. This is so we can identify systematic issues and work with hospitals to resolve these. Please get in touch with the support team directly if you haven’t received your roster within 28 days. *note: relievers need 14 days’ notice for day shifts and 28 days’ notice for nights and weekends.

Have you been required to provide any out of hours cross cover?
Cross cover out of hours is not covered in our agreement as it a breach of our collective agreement and should not be occurring. There is an agreement between STONZ and Te Whatu Ora that any instances of cross cover should be reported to STONZ. We are aware that this may not be occurring in all hospitals so strongly encourage you to get in touch with the support team if you are required to cross cover out of hours.


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