Specialty Trainees of New Zealand


STONZ (MECA) Multi Employment Collective Agreement

Our MECA at a Glance


After a lot of hard work we have a contract

  • Improved medical education

    • 12 weeks of medical education leave for trainee registrars on a vocational training programme

    • 5 days per annum of medical education leave for non training registrars and PGY 2 and above house surgeons.

    • Non training registrars and PGY2 and above house surgeons have a one off 3 week block of medical education leave on top of the 5 days per annum.

    • Trainee registrars get 10 days of fully funded and paid conference leave during their training on top of their medical education leave.

    • Registrars get $2000 per annum (accruable put to $6000) for implements to aide training (such as laptops, non reimbursed textbooks, subscriptions etc.)

  • Improved parental leave

    • The primary caregiver gets 14 weeks of fully paid parental leave.

    • The secondary caregiver get 2 weeks of fully paid parental leave. This is paid out straight away rather than 6 months later.

  • Improved pay

    • STONZ pay categories are paid significantly higher. They also have a 2.5% pay increase affective on December the 10th 2018 and a further 3.0% pay increase in December 2019.

    • Improved cross cover and extra duty rates.

  • Lump sum payout

    • There is a $2000 lump sum payout to members who joined before December the 10th 2018. This is also available to member who joined after the 10th of December, but only if they have had 12 continuous months of service to a DHB and have not had a lump sum payout under another MECA.

  • Rosters

    • Our rostering guidelines are evidence based and based on the guidelines for the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Australian Medical Association. Our guidelines give significant flexibility at a local level.

    • We are aiming for rosters where our members work less than 60-65 hours a week (averaged out over 4 weeks) and have less than 1 in 3 weekends on call.

    • Limits to hours are 72 hours for a week and 144 for 14 days. A maximum of 12 days can be worked in a row (after which you require a 48 hour break).

    • Most rosters will have split night shifts of 3 and 4 nights. Up to 7 night shifts can be rostered but only with RMO agreement and only if there is regular opportunity for rest.

    • Rosters can be changed unless there is a disagreement by 1/3 of the RMO’s working the roster (previously you required 2/3 agreement to change).

  • Sick leave

    • Sick leave is now 10 days a year accruable. You are also eligible for an extra 10 days per annum if required.

    • For this first STONZ contract any sick leave you have will be transferred in full. Once on a STONZ contract you can only transfer 20 days of sick leave when moving between DHB’s.

  • Relief

    • Relievers will be paid 2 categories above the majority of the runs they are covering.

    • Relievers embedded into a roster will be paid the same as other participants in that roster

    • Relievers are entitled to 14 days notice of weekday duties and 28 days notice for weekend duties.

TAS has completed an Independent review of the STONZ and NZRDA MECA’s and has created a comparison document: Click here for more information.

The MECA is valid from the 10th of December 2018 until December 2020.

Click here for a PDF copy of our MECA

Click here for a summary of our MECA