Unyoked x STONZ Mental Health Awareness Week giveaway

In life, and especially in hospitals, we spend a lot of time reading signs. 

  • No parking

  • Open/Closed 

  • Admissions

  • Theatre

  • In patients 

  • Outpatients

When we see these signs, we adapt and change our approach accordingly.  (The Jury's out on parking signs though).

The signs we struggle to recognise are often those first signs of burnout.

  • Poor sleep 

  • Irritability 

  • Anxiety

  • Struggling to focus 

Rather than adapt, when we experience these, we tend to do the opposite. We push them aside, we push through, we push ourselves… often to the limit. It’s not good for us, it’s not good for productivity and it’s not good for those we care for. 

We all need a form of recovery and an escape- a change of environment that helps us simply level out, lose the sense of urgency and get back to that base pace. Periodically getting into nature scratches that itch and has a profound impact.

Our partners at Unyoked are on a mission to help people get out to nature more often by providing a network of curated off-grid cabins hidden in unique, secluded wilderness locations.

As we’re in Mental Health Awareness Week, Unyoked are giving away 2 x 2- night stays at any of Unyoked’s NZ locations to help you switch off, reconnect and experience the benefits of a bit of nature-time.'


*Competition ends on Wednesday, 27th September 2023.

*Competition is open to STONZ Members only. Sorry, travel to and from Cabins is not included.


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