Te Whatu Ora & Te Aka Whai Ora

On the 1 July 2022 we moved to Te Whatu Ora (Health New Zealand) and the Te Aka Whai Ora (the Maori Health Authority).

This move is following the Health and Disability Review. The Transition Unit was established by Cabinet in September 2020 following consideration of the Health and Disability System Review / Hauora Manaaki Ki Aotearoa Whānui (the Review).

The Transition Unit led the response to the Review, including developing the policy response and design of the system operating model, providing advice on the establishment of new entities and legislative change.

STONZ is lucky to be part of the CTU (Council of trade unions) so are meeting regularly with the Transition Unit to discuss issues and challenges that we see as unique to RMOs but also about the wider health system and how we might use this change as opportunity to do things better. Although the new entities are in place now, we are expecting this to be a long-term project spanning a number of years.

We have created this page as a touch point for information and will add to it as the plan for the new Health system starts to form.

How has STONZ been involved with the transition to Te Whatu Ora (Health NZ)?
STONZ is the only union representing Junior Doctors affiliated with the CTU (Council of Trade Unions). All the health unions who are members of the CTU have been meeting regularly from day 1 of the transition and have been working closely with the transition unit, and now the Interim leaders on this change.

We are also working with Health NZ to develop FAQs for RMOs specifically which will be available shortly, and have been integral in advocating that a separate workstream is established with the sole purpose of managing change over the coming years for RMOs. We have also been strongly advocating at every opportunity for RMOs, and that this transition is used as an opportunity to make positive change for the entire healthcare workforce.

As part of our MECA negotiations, we also have agreement to meet mid-term (Q3 2022) to review the MECA following the transition.

What does the change to Health NZ mean for anyone who wants to change their terms and conditions i.e., change unions?
Previously if a RMO moved DHB (employer), they were able to change union coverage at that point. However, with the change to Health NZ the only option to change union membership will be 60 days prior to the expiry date of the MECA that you’re currently covered by. So, if you are a STONZ member now and wanted to change your union you could from 60-days prior to our MECA expiring in December 2023. If you are currently a NZRDA member and would like to change, you cannot until 60-days prior to the MECA expiring, which is in March 2024.

At any time, you can resign from a union and request an IEA, individual employment agreement
(negotiate directly with the hospital) but you won’t have the support of a union. So, if you haven’t signed up to a union yet, it’s important to think about what is going to suit you best, now, and in the future as it’s not that easy to change.

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The transition unit are sending out a monthly update. You can sign up HERE to receive regular emails from the Health and Disability Reform Transition Unit.

What’s important to you?

As part of the Transition to Health NZ, we have the opportunity to be involved and make sure that RMOs have a voice. So we want to hear from you! Please take the time to fill out the below form and let us know from your perspective, what works and what doesn’t.

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